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The SBD has been able to discover and acquire many hard to obtain publications, some of which are unobtainable from any other source. The out of print books offerred below are more expensive to buy second hand than they are via the Society.

Prices apply to SBD members ONLY.
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We have four copies of extremely old Brushmaking Pictures available to our members. These are quite possibly exclusive to the SBD!
1 Brushmakers Society Arms 1830       2 The Brush Shop                                   3 The Brush Seller                            4 The Sweep

NB The quality has been purposely downgraded for this page. They are superb full colour copies, A4 size on thick white photo paper, suitable for framing. £3 each plus 50p p/p or £12 the four, post paid. Overseas please add extra 50p per order.


BruBrushmaking-A Norfolk Craftshmaking - A Norfolk Craft
 Not just about Norfolk, but a beautifully designed, colourful, large format booklet with wonderful old pictures and engravings showing the history of brush and broom making and many old types of brushes..

Worth the money for its A4 size transparency of the 1839 Brushmakers Society Arms alone! Out of Print These have been in storage since the1970s and are as new.  20 pages plus two A4 transparencies- 1839 Arms & Lady at Brushmaking Machine

SBD price £9.99 + £1.99 p/p (p/p abroad £4.50)

A Brush WIth Heritage
 Published June 1996  .See Home Page for Special Offer  - May also be available from East Anglian Studies Dept., University of East Anglia, Norwich, Norfolk. UK.
Published price £ SOLD OUT
In Love And Unity - A Book About Brushmaking
In Love & Unity
Tom Girtin 1961. These have been in storage since 1961 and are in as new condition.

Written to commemmorate Hamilton's 150th anniversary.

A history of the Hamilton Brush Company with many interesting pictures of work and processes. Unavailable elsewhere!.

112 pages. 8 b/w photo plates. Hardback with dust-jacket.

SBD price just £12.50 + £2.50 p/p. (p/p abroad £2.50)

Brushmakers Society Lists
1869 List Cover
 Each year the Brushmakers' Society compiled a list of "legal journeyman brushmakers", ie-Society members.A handful of copies survive. The originals were rescued by William Kiddier in the 1920s and rediscovered in 1983.The surviving original copies were donated to the Working Class Movement Museum in Salford where they are not so easy to consult. They contain details, by area, of brushmakers, and employers plus apprentice, superannuation and tramp details and some details of deceased members.They do not give addresses, but can be very useful in locating lost brushmakers or other members of brushmaking families. By using them in conjunction with Directories and censuses members have found "lost" brushmakers. These reprints are unique to the SBD and are unobtainable from any other source.
"1829" Available to Members as a free download 
"1851" (census year) Available to members as a free download. "1865" "1869" - £5.25 each + £1.50 p/p UK/EU Please include £5.00 p/p per order abroad 


Video - The History of The Brushmakers Society.

  DVD Video approx 20 minutes. Specially made in 1983 by the Furniture Makers Union to celebrate the amalgamation of the Brushmakers Society. It features a commentary on their history and features many old photos, items and documents discovered in William Kiddiers chest, many show names of brushmakers (indentures etc).
£4.50 + 75p p/p..(£1.50 p/p abroad) 

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BACKISSUES of Society Journals

All Back Issues are available to members only at £1.50 each. (UK post paid)

Journal No 1

Welcome...An introduction to the Society and its aims. Christmas Weddings...Why were so many weddings on Christmas Day? Brass Tanks, Brass Bands & Brushes...Roy Millington's article on the varied interests of the Millingtons of Nuneaton Tramps & Unions...A short history of the practice of Tramping. Who Was the Bass Man?...How "bass" for bass-brooms was discovered Getting it Wright...Scottish Sources Society Badges...A note on the old Society's Arms. Members Interests Nordic Roots...Did Vikings use brushes?
Index to Brushmakers in Old Trade Unions-Old Trade Unions is a rare book written about the old Brushmakers Society.A complete index of the hundreds of names mentioned in the book with a free Members' search service!
plus pictures of Kent St SE London, Upper Abbey St, Nuneaton, Kings Lynn and Scottish Society arms, London shops, brushmakers relieved in London in 1816, Glossary of some brushmaking terms 

Journal No 2

William Kiddiers Treasure Chest...the amazing story of how the books and documents used to write "Old Trade Unions" in the 1920s were found by sheer chance after being lost for over 50 years!
William Kiddier, The Artist Brushmaker...-Sue Kay's article on the life and work of this amazing man.
Its Surprising What Turns Up...Janet Heskins' extracts from Apprentice records for Gloucester, 1841 census Witham, Essex;1861 census Worcester;1851,1861,1881 census Wells.
More on the Bassman....a little more on who he may have been. The London Tradesman...How the trade of Brushmaker was described in 1747. Our (Haunted) House...The story of the (only?) Brushmakers Arms pub. Letters & Members Interests 

Journal No 3

A Little More on Kiddier....Sue Kay British Museum N&P Library Brands of Southwark.
Poor as a Brushmaker...Janet HESKINS account of the fortunes of the ISAACS Worcester Census 1861...More extracts.
An Afternoon at Kents....How a brush is made. A Brushmaking Yankee....How Joyce Torrice's ancestor was involved in the American Civil War.
Hull Brushmakers...The TURNERS of Hull
An Old Photograph....Sue Kay ponders on a family heirloom. Members submissions from Salford, Bristol, Kent & Suffolk Members Interests and Letters
New York Brushmakers...A complete 19th century list from the USA. And more! 
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Journal No 4

A Guided Tour of a Banner...The National Society of Brushmakers 1840 Arms The Broom Squires of this area was renowned for its brooms and brushmakers. 1881 census extracts for Norwich
York Brushmakers...Information from newspapers and local archives. Brushes, Broommen & The Borough....Article with lots of illustrations.on the main brushmaking area of London, its history and sources for local research.(10 pages)
Brushmakers in Directories for Kent St/ Tabard St Southwark 1894 Trades Directory London 1894.
1904 Trades Directory Leeds & Bradford area. Members Interests and Letters. 

Journal No 5

Pemberton's Catalogue..items from a C19 catalogue From a Parish History..A Devon Brushmaker's story The Humble Toothbrush..a history of this humble item Homeworking..not all brushmakers worked in "shops"! Uncle Ernie STYGAL..a modern brushmaker's story The Castle Museums..where brushmaking displays and items can be seen. Blue Dick & The CULMERS..who was Blue Dick?Find out! The Kent Brush Strike..a post WWI story
1851 Census of St Georges Southwark...complete extract of all brushmakers. Plus lots of pictures and usual items. 

Journal No 6

The Whites of Surrey..There are many brushmakers named WHITE from the Surrey area.The story of two.
Cloak, Brush and Dagger...Hush, hush wartime brush making! Bristol brushmakers...Some information. Kent Woodware Co..How are the wooden parts made? Whitakers Almanac 1920..An interesting article by the then Secretary of the British Brushmakers' Association On the Tramp...Some examples of routes taken by brushmakers on the Tramp--from old "blanks". 1851 St George the Martyr Census Pt.2 N-Z Lots of member's interests and letters 

Journal No 7

Brushmakers, Apprentices and All Things Fishy!...information on apprentices, unlikely places to look for brushmaking apprentices and list of many from London Livery Company records.
Jones & Co..illustration of Bristol brush shop. The Harpers of Norwich Apprentice items..Southwark and Bristol
Love on the Tramp..How did your ancestor meet his wife?The unsuspected links that existed between tradesmen
Needs Must...A settlement examination from Devon that may shed light on similar situations with other brushmakers.
Kew Apprentices..A List from 1804-1810. Lots of brushmakers from parish records, etc etc.  Letters and Member's Interests. 

Journal No 8

Kings Lynn baptisms etc. More Fishmongers Co Brushmaker apprentices Spiers..Brushmaking Miscellany..varied relevant items on the history of the trade Seakins
Brushmakers...A large family,linked to other brushmaking families as employers or by marriage. Index to Old Trade Unions Second Edition...Hundreds of Brushmakers! Brushmaker References from the Romany And Traveller FHS..Lots of brushmakers John Turner's Index to the 1851 Liverpool Census Gores Directory of Liverpool 1851-1859 Members Interests.Letters etc

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Journal No 9

Unusual Craft Terms...R A Leeson Besoms..How a birch broom is made. The Witches Broom...Why are witches shown riding broomsticks?Lots of broom related folklore and customs. Axminster Brushmakers...Coates and Bidwell of Axminster and their history(both firms now defunct)
The Dublin Society Banner.How the Irish Brushmakers' Society went about making their own individual Society Banner.From a letter written by an old brushmaker. Old Ordnance Survey Maps.How the reprinted maps which show PO Directory information can be of use.
Romany & Traveller Census Submissions showing brushmakers. Lord Roberts Workshop...A charity which allows disabled servicemen to make traditional brushes.
Australian Handbook...Each year British firms could advertise goods for export to Australia.Some brushmakers shown. Letters, Interests, Extracts etc etc 

Journal No 10

The Sailor's Murder + Broom Squires..Surrey and Hampshire More City Livery Companies The Bramshill Moorcocks..Surrey brushmakers York Brushmakers
King of Bucks and Marylebone. Two New Family History Magazines-review. Submissions and Letters 

Journal No11

Beware, it is May! Superstitions! Shottermill Broommaker- nice picture(Surrey/Hants) More on Surrey Broom Squires The Mortimores of Devon..a young members research with list of some other Devon brushmakers. 1833 Brushmakers Call List-Unique reprint of 1833 list of London brushmakers.Lots of names (probably from only surviving copy) Something on he Side - sidelines made by brushmakers Business Cards at the Guildhall Library +Lots More! 

Journal No 12

Rooneys of Walthamstow-old established firm Irish roots Brush Drawing most common form of C19th brush making Local Archives
Freemen of City of Gloucester. Censuses- Shottermill, Melksham, Diss. Flints of Lincoln, Walsall BMs, Lots, lots more! 

Journal No 2/1

The Marriage Witness Index-Internet. Thomas Paine-The Truth! Spotlight on Industry-Reprint of old newspaper article.
jottings of Richard Moss (fiction). Letters From Canada-from a struggling C19th emigrant. Norfolk Woodturners and Brushmakers, Lots, lots more! 

Journal No 2/2

Nothing Dusty About Cressers. William Seale of York- cuttings. Letters From Canada II. H Hart- An east London Company-pic. members Interests & Submissions, Lots, lots more! 

Journal No 2/3

UK research service for SBD members. Brush Makers Arms of Kings Lynn. Brushmaker or Tramp?-reprint of article that started it all! On The Road-Printers also tramped! European Brush Museum. James Simmons' Diaries-C19th diary mentions Surrey brushmakers. 

Journal No 2/4

Newcastle Brushmakers. Ontario Brushmakers from censuses. Copy of Brushmakers Society presentation to Henry Wood-1862
James Simmons Diaries II. Signboards of Old London. Usual articles. 

Journal No 2/5

The Heinous Crime of Henry Wainwright-A tale of murder and mayhem in old Whitechapel. Shearmans of Kings Lynn
Exeter Militia Lists Additions to SBD holdings. Zora's Column- Zora Pinney's visit to Polish Brushmakers.

Journal No 2/6

Lots of members Submissions. Six poor travellers-A Rochester Charity. A Wartime Tale-how a unique collection of brushes were saved from the Blitz
Paupers and Pigkillers-A North Somerset clergyman's Diary. Members'Interests, pictures etc etc 

Journal No 2/7

Lunches and Hunches Alix Mortimer..How the SBD helped with Alix’s research. Coventry Apprentices and Master Brushmakers. Reynolds Ilustrated.An old news article. Ken Doughty-who’s he? Lighthearted article on how the SBD was formed etc. Watt’s Charity, Rochester. Some pictures. Lots of submissions and interests 

Journal No 2/8

Even More on Thomas Paine. A Calendar of the Registers of the City of Gloucester. The Brushmaker. More Moores Various reference to MOORE brushmakers.
Items from the SBD’s holdings. The Sun Brush Company. Letters, Submissions and Interests 

Journal No 2/9

More from Lesley Watson Walker. Lovell’s Brushes and other bits of interest. Fighting for Queen and Country. George MOORE’s service history and more about this London brushmaking family. Births and Marriages from Eunice Wilson. More on Henry Wainwright (see 2/5). Letters, Submissions and Interests 

Journal No 2/10

Review of "My ancestors were Gypsies". The 1881 LDS Census CD Rom set. Letters New Slant on the Source of Horse Hair. Making Besoms.
Extract of All Brushmakers shown on 1851 Bristol Census Part 1. Members' Interests 

Journal No 2/11

SBD News. Flemings of Halifax. Tin Box. Changing Professions in the 1800s. Extract of All Brushmakers shown on 1851 Bristol Census Part 1. Members' Interests

Journal No 2/12

The Broom Squire-a new play. Bart's Welsh Legacy- Graeme Lloyd. The Descendants of William Keeling...Bryon Keeling. Tin Box. Surrey census Extracts. 1851 Census of Bristol Extracts Part 3.  Members' Interests Internet Newsgroups

Journal No 3/1

Shocking News! We are Cousins!..E Hutchinson. It is a Small World. More Additions to Holdings. Axminster Museum Holdings. Kent Brushmakers..Chesham Brushmakers..L Watson Walker..Industrial Diseases (anthrax)..More on Witham Brushmakers Janet Gyford..Pigot Directory Extracts (Cumb. Lancs. Westmoreland 1828/9). Members' Interests

Journal No 3/2

SBD News. Odds & Ends..An Enterprising Young Man (Verrinders of London) St Anthony. The Way You Say It! Tin Box.. More Holdings.. Sharman Brothers..A G Bryer..Members Interests Pigots Directory extracts 1835 (Hereford, Leics. Monmouth, Rutland, Staffs, Warwicks Worcs, N & S Wales)

Journal No 3/3

Oh no! Not More on Kiddier!..I Am A Brushmaker-poem. Members’Submissions. A French Brushmaking Museum. Society Publications
Hidden Talents.Anthony Bryer.  The Tin Box...Letters. Members Interests

Journal No 3/4

SBD News. The Palmers and the Parson. Over Stowey Sources at Somerset R.O.Bristling with Brushmakers......Theresa Heskins.Taverners...M E Town
Members’ Submissions. Witham Brushmakers....Janet Gyford. 1841 Witham Census Extract.....Janet Gyford.  The Tin Box.....Letters. History of Cutthorpe Village Janet Jupar. Cricket!. Members Interests. Society Publications

Journal No 3/5

SBD News/Editorial. More Bristol Brushmakers Bernice Pegler. Tramp Route. The Tin Box..Letters. Brushmakers in Essex, Herts, Sussex, Surrey and Middx 1851. List of Shops in London. The Sheffield Strike    Ken Doughty. Signatures of London Brushmakers. Skeletons Galore  Tramps Relieved 1816. 1851 Witham Census Extract..Janet Gyford. Members Interests.. Society Publications

Journal No 3/6

SBD News/Editorial. Shellshear Information and other submissions Lesley Watson Walker.The Henry Wainwright Murder..Philippa Hoad &         Ken Doughty. The History of Witham Essex… Witham Brushmakers III.....Janet Gyford. 1861 Witham Census Extract.....Janet Gyford. 1871 Census Witham Essex. Members Interests. Society Publications

Journal No 3/7

SBD News/Editorial. What's in a Name?-Review of popular first names over the years. Will of James Thomasin of Witham. Ambrose Shelley of Redlinch Surrey. The Broom Makers of Shirley (Bennetts). Modern Brushmaking - 1901 article with pictures etc. Leicester Brushmakers 1851.  Members Interests

All Back Issues are available to Members Only at £1.50 each. (UK post paid)         Page Updated December 2016

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